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 We are a small hobby breeder of yellow, black and chocolate Labrador Retrievers near Tucson, Arizona. 

Additionally, we breed the African hunting dog - Basenjis

We offer a dog able to hunt, run obedience, agility and rally trials; capable of becoming a service  or therapy dog and still able to snuggle on the couch with you when day is done - truly a lab for all seasons and reasons.

Our basenjis are a wonderful dogs, smart, independent, entertaining, able to lure course in the daytime, yet be calm enough to chill on your lap in the evenings.

We firmly believe in health testing our dogs and ensuring our dogs and puppies are well socialized and trained to be the best they can be!




Sundancer Labs Established 2005

​Theresa and Alyx Tuttle

​Updated 11/18/23

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