​CH Ptd Sundancer's Fat Bottom Girls BN RI CAA CGC TKN (Tushy)
 RBIS GCHS CH Sandia's Polar Bear (Khola)

We will have an all yellow litter from this pairing and are very excited to


to the #6 dog in the country! 

Tushy's pups were born the 29th of August

To see Tushy and the babies as they grow, click on the link below:



Upcoming litter plans


Bridgette and River August/September 2021

Libby x Coffee Crisp  August/September 2021

Tushy x TBA August/September 2021


Immy X TBA November 2021

Effie X Brady November 2021

All puppies are priced at $1800

 UKC CH Sundancer's Bridge Over Troubled Water CD BN RA CGCA TKN ATT (Bridgette) 

Kenya Red River by St. John, CGC, TKN (River)

This pairing should produce black and yellow puppies.

Bridgette is due to come in season in June - keep watching for updates!

​GCH DC Tarshas Pure Imagination @ Sundancer SC CAA CGC TKN

We expect to have puppies in late November

Bridgette (UKC CH Sundancer's Bridge Over Troubled Water CGC)


Zen (Amethyst Age of Aquarius at Sundancer CGCA) 

puppies born 3/26/17

If interested in viewing this litter as they grew please copy and past the following link:

https://www.facebook.com/theresa.tuttle.7/media_set?set=a.10154594130156559&type=3​ ​

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Previous litters and links to view photos


​CH Ptd Sundancer's Fat Bottom Girls BN RI CAA CGC TKN
Major CH Ptd Sandia's Shaq Attack

 3 puppies were born 12/22/19

If interested in viewing this litter as they grew please copy and past the following link:


​CH MacLab's America @ Colindy & Sundancer RN CA CGC TKN
CH Rochaven's Walk This Way RN DN CGC TKN

 3 puppies were born 7/27/19

If interested in viewing this litter as they grew please copy and past the following link:


 GCH DC Tarshas Pure Imagination @ Sundancer SC CA CGC
CH Kibushi Gugu Diospyros RN CAA CGCA CGCU TKA RATO
Born 1/29/19

If interested in viewing this litter as they grew please copy and paste

the following link:



 Bridgette (UKC CH Sundancer's Bridge Over Troubled Water BN RN CGCA TKN)

Rogue (MBISS GCHB Laurglen Ardent Rogue at Hyspire JH CD RA CGC) 
Puppies born 1/29/19

If interested in viewing this litter as they grew please copy and paste

the following link:


​CH MacLab's America @ Colindy & Sundancer RN CA CGC TKN (Libby)
Major CH Pointed Quail Chase Windfall Plump Jack RN (Jack) 

This pairing will result in an all chocolate litter.

Libby's pups were born on the 31st of August. 

To see Libby and the babies as the grow, click on this link:



Sundancer puppies are priced from $1800.00 

We do not guarantee you will get the puppy of your choice of sex or color. We do our very best to match the puppy to you and your home. We do our best to help you get the puppy you want to spend the next 10-14 years with.

All of our puppies are born in the house (our kitchen is a shambles for 2 months!) and are loved and handled from birth.

All puppies are given Early Neurological Stimulation to give puppies improved cardiovascular performance, stronger heart beats, stronger adrenal glands, more tolerance to stress and greater resistance to disease. For more information on the "Super Dog" program see: https://breedingbetterdogs.com/article/early-neurological-stimulation

We also follow the Puppy Culture protocol to make your puppy the best they can be, more information can be found at: https://shoppuppyculture.com

​Puppies will have dew claws removed, be dewormed and have first puppy shots, eye exam and microchip before going home.

All puppies sold on an AKC limited registration.

All puppies are guaranteed to be healthy and free of genetic hip and eye disorders for 26 months. We x-ray our dogs for elbow and hip displaysia (certified with OFA - www.offa.org), and check eyes yearly (certified with OFA - www.offa.org)

If for any reason, you are unable to keep your Sundancer puppy, you must notify me and return the puppy to Sundancer Labradors to find a new home.

We will reimburse $50.00 per puppy to have them spayed or neutered at an appropriate age (12-18 months depending on the breed), and we will reimburse $25.00 for completion of a basic obedience class within one year of age.

​All puppies go home with AKC registration papers, vaccination and health record, and an 6 pound bag of puppy food.

Puppies can be picked up at 9 weeks of age, if for reasons of vacation or special functions you need to delay pickup, we do board the puppies for $75.00 per week. This time will be used for additional training - crate, leash, house and basic obedience.

For an additional fee of $200.00 a welcome home package includes an approved crate with pad, 2 stainless steel bowls, leash and collar, chew toy, ball, rope, nylabones, puppy shampoo, nail clippers, brush, 1 month flea/tick treatment, a toy storage bucket, and homemade treats.


Puppy Guarantee

Your puppy is guaranteed to be in good health at the time you take him home. He has had dewclaws removed. He has been wormed and vaccinated at 7 weeks and will need to continue his vaccinations and worming with your veterinarian.

Your veterinarian should check your puppy within one week from the date of purchase. If your veterinarian feels that the puppy is not healthy, have him write a letter describing the problem. You may return the puppy for a complete refund or a replacement puppy. No cash refunds are given after the first week.

If your puppy dies within the first year from a congenital defect he will be replaced at no charge. An autopsy must be performed to determine the cause of death and a letter from your veterinarian must state the cause of death is congenital. If you have bred your puppy during this first year this guarantee is no longer valid.

As responsible breeders, we try our best to prevent your puppy from having problems. Sometimes things do go wrong and there may be unexpected veterinarian bills. As a pet owner you must understand you are responsible for any veterinary bills incurred after your puppy leaves our home.

All puppies are sold as family companions, we do not guarantee the breeding, hunting, specialized training or show ability of any puppy.