Current Classes


Upcoming classes

STAR/CGC beginning 3/23/24 9-1030 AM Location The Dog Spot

3669 E 44th St 85713

Conformation classes 3/23/24 1030-1200 Noon The Dog Spot

3669 E 44th St 85713

Rally 3/23/24 1200-130 PM The Dog Spot

3669 E44th St 85713

CGCA/CGCU Training and Evaluations 4/7, 4/14, 4/21

SW Corner of Tucson Mall (enter where Red Robin used to be)

 1100 AM -1230 PM $50 includes all paperwork

​Competition Obedience Date and Location TBA

Trick Dog Training Date and Location TBA 

Sundancer Dog Training offers dog training to teach you to train your dog. 

We teach using multiple training methods including Koehler, Clicker, and many types of balanced training.

We offer classes to include CGC (Canine Good Citizen), STAR Puppy Classes, Basic and Advanced Obedience, Trick Dog Training, Rally, Conformation and are hoping to offer Scentwork practice.

We offer group and private lessons.

Training for therapy and service dog is available


Classes Offered

STAR Puppy class is offered for all puppies from 3 months of age to 1 year. Completion of this 7 week class will allow you to apply for a STAR Puppy certificate from the AKC. Cost of this class is $175

CGC Class is offered for all dogs 6 months of age and older. This is a 7 week class that includes a CGC evaluation at week 7. Cost of this class is $175

Rally Class - 8 week class to include learning all Rally signs, proper performance of each sign and practice at Rally Novice and Intermediate courses.
During these classes we will offer ring practice for Rally Advanced and Excellent. This class includes a copy of AKC Rally Quick Guide compiled by Snowy Pine Dog Training. Cost of this Class is $200

Trick Dog Training - 6 week class to include training and evaluation for at least the first 2 levels of trick dog, drop ins welcome to work on higher levels. Cost of this class is $150, drop ins at $10 per session

Competition Obedience - 10 week class to include heel, sit, down, stay and off leash control. Completion of this class will enable you to enter AKC obedience classes from Beginner Novice to Novice. This class is a Koehler based class and all equipment is included in the class. Cost of this class is $200

Open Obedience - 10 week class to prepare for AKC Open classes. This class is Koehler based and all equipment is included in class. Cost of this class is $200

Conformation classes - a 6 week class to take your dog through basics of conformation including movement, stacking, basic grooming, how to read premiums and fill out entry forms, how the AKC/UKC point system works, dress presentation for the handler, videos of you and your dog to improve your skills and more!!! The class is $175, drop ins are welcome at $20 a session.

Private lessons are $50 per hour

Service Dog Public Access Meetup $5 per session

Service Dog and Therapy dog training is based on your knowledge, skills and training needed to make you and your dog a successful, well trained team.

Please contact me for more information.